Road conditions blamed in fatal car accident that claims Alex teen

Alex is mourning the loss of a high school senior after a fatal car accident this morning. Cody B. Alexander, 18, died at the scene from massive injuries.

According to the report by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, Alexander was in his 1996 Ford pickup, westbound on State Highway 19, half a mile east of County Road 2910 when he lost control due to slush on the roadway around 7:30 a.m. The pickup went into a broad slide and was struck by a 2011 Mack Truck driven by Sanford E. Hicks of Elk City.

The Mack Truck, which was traveling eastbound, struck the passenger side front of Cody's pickup. He was pinned for approximately 45 minutes. He died from massive injuries sustained in the crash. The truck driver refused treatment at the scene for a hand injury.

Both drivers were wearing seat belts. The report lists unsafe speed for ice or snow on the roadway as the cause of the accident.

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