Wednesday, October 7, 2015, 8:45 pm

Local law enforcement agencies are requesting your assistance in locating the possum that was involved in this hit and run accident earlier this week.

If you have any information on the location of this possum please contact the authorities.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015, 9:00 am


A harassing telephone call report was taken in the 100 block of East Texas Ave.

A stolen bicycle (petit larceny) report was taken from 700 block of South 10th Street.

A domestic abuse report was taken in the 200 block of East Almar Drive.

A shoplifting (larceny of merchandise from a retailer) report was taken from the 200 block of South 1st Street (Walmart).

Justin Yorel was arrested in the 1100 block of West Choctaw Avenue on charges of driving under a suspended license after being stopped for a defective tail lamp.

Sooner Road and Grand Avenue was the location of a driving under the influence of liquor or drugs/actual physical control of a motor vehicle with a breath alcohol of .08 or more. Flint Hanks was taken into custody and placed in the Grady county Jail.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015, 12:43 am

Rush Springs EMS, Rush Springs Fire, Grady County Fire Farwell Station and command as well as Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper 647 were dispatched to just North of CR 1500 on Highway 81 Southbound 12:31 a.m. were a 2014 Honda Shadow motorcycle and a deer had momentarily occupied the same spot on the roadway.

The Southbound bike was traveling at approximately 60 m.p.h. when the Westbound deer crossing the highway made contact with the left front of the Honda.

The motorcycle traveled approximately another 1000 feet or so South of the point of impact before the rider lost total control and laid the bike down on its left side.

Gregory P. Funderburg (SIC), white male, age 37 of Chickasha Oklahoma. Transported by Rush Springs EMS unit 81 to Duncan Regional Hospital. Admitted in fair condition with external and internal leg and trunk injuries.

All units and debris from this accident were cleared from the scene at approximately 1:40 a.m.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015, 9:00 pm

Schedule for Heritage Park Theater, 2505 Valley View Drive, Chickasha Oklahoma for Friday October 9th through Thursday October 15th

Pan - 2D PG

Mon-Fri 2:20

Sat Sun 2:20 9:30

Pan - 3D PG

Mon-Fri 7:20

Sat Sun 4:30 7:20

The Martian - 2D PG13

Mon-Fri 7:00

Sat Sun 1:45 7:00

The Martian - 3D PG13

Mon-Fri 9:15

Sat Sun 4:15 9:15

Hotel Transylvania 2 - 2D PG

Mon-Fri 9:40

Sat/Sun 4:40 9:20

Hotel Transylvania 2 - 3D PG

Mon-Fri 7:10

Sat/Sun 2:10 7:10

The Intern PG13

Mon-Fri 7:15 9:35

Sat Sun 2:15 4:35 7:15 9:35

Maze Runner: Scorch Trials PG13

Mon- Fri 7:05 9:40

Sat Sun 1:45 4:20 7:05 9:40

The Visit PG13

Mon-Fri 7:25 9:25

Sat Sun 2:25 4:25 7:25 9:25

Adult Admission $8.00*

Adult Matinee $6.00*

Children 3 to 11 $6.00*

Senior Citizens 60 and up $6.00*

*An additional charge of $2.00 per person applies to all 3D showings.

Heritage Park Theater 2505 Valley View Dr Chickasha, OK 73018, Showtime Lines 222-2235 and 222-2295

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015, 7:44 pm

Grady County CASA Voices for Children will begin training the end of October. If you would like to help give children a voice in the court, give us a call at 405-224-0404. You must be 21 years of age and pass a background check. We need your help!

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015, 7:31 pm


Booth spaces are filling up for the 2015 OHCE Celebration of Crafts Show. This event is held yearly at the Grady County Fairgrounds in Chickasha and is hosted by the Grady County OHCE. This year the show will be held on November 13 and 14 in the north building (building #1) at the fairground. Over 100 booth spaces are available, and priority booth space is given to returning vendors, and vendors with handmade items or home based businesses. Grady County OHCE clubs and members have exclusive rights to any and all food items sold.

There is no fee for admittance or parking, and there will be door prizes daily. Springcreek OHCE will have food available both days in the concession stand. Show times are 10:00am - 6:00pm on Friday, and 9:00am- 4:00pm on Saturday.

Booth spaces are on a first come first served basis. Vendors are required by Oklahoma law to pay sales tax. If you do not have an Oklahoma sales tax number, you may use the OHCE temporary sales tax ID special event number.

To request an application, please call 405-320-4281. A form may also be downloaded at and click on the Grady County OHCE link.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015, 8:34 am


A female was taken into custody in the 3200 block of Pond Ridge Drive for possession of a controlled substance.

An adult female was arrested for driving without a license and speeding in a school zone in the 1300 block of South 6th Street.

A male subject was served a trespass notice in the 2100 block of South 4th banning him from Walgreens.

An auto burglary report was taken in the 700 block of West Oregon Avenue.

Domestic Abuse was reported in the 300 block of South 9th Street.

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Monday, October 5, 2015, 4:29 pm

My condolences to those who have suffered loss of employment. Unemployment

has been increasing across Oklahoma with the downturn in the energy sector.

Our state ranks last in second-quarter personal income growth of the 50

states, as reported by the Oklahoman. This is not the same economy we heard

about last year in the campaigns.

Several state programs that provide assistance are also available. The

Oklahoma Employment Securities Commission assists those who are trying to

regain employment. To submit a claim, you can either file online at or you can call for assistance at

1-800-555-1554. The Oklahoma Career Technology system offers training

programs to help individuals enhance their skills for job placement.

Contact your local Career Tech to ask about financial aid for classes. I am

also thankful that my current job allows me to assist those who are seeking


Though reductions in the energy sector are a part of the problem, much of

the blame can go squarely back to the elected officials at the State

Capitol with their choices of business development policies. Rather than

pursue successful ideas, such as the student loan forgiveness program for

the aerospace engineering sector to recruit diversified jobs, the

Republican leadership has instead chosen to cut income taxes for the

wealthiest Oklahomans, reduce drilling taxes and offer tax credits to major


I must ask why are these companies laying off employees rather than looking

at their expenditures? One company last week offered their suite at

sporting events to an auction and another chose to retain naming rights on

a building in downtown Oklahoma City instead of preserving jobs.

We're often told that government should be run like a business, but these

businesses would be bankrupt if not for state government bailouts through

tax incentives and credits that are paid for by your tax dollars.

The State of Oklahoma gives myriad tax credits to companies that pay

millions of dollars in salaries to executives who are simultaneously laying

off middle-income employees. They take government-subsidized dollars to

make poor choices for frivolous items for their own pleasure. We hear

Republicans demand that schools slash administrative expenses - so why

don't they make that same demand of CEOs of companies that receive

tax-subsidized business credits?

OU President David Boren recently proposed a statewide sales tax of one

cent to fund education programs. His reason is that Oklahoma has ranked

dead last in the United States in education spending for kindergarten

through 12th grade since 2008. Whether you agree with his proposal or not,

you should realize that something needs to change. We cannot succeed unless

we invest in our infrastructure. Oklahoma has consistently made deep cuts

in services over the past few years while reducing taxes and spending

substantially more on tax credits.

If you want to have a state that demands accountability, start by demanding

accountability from your elected officials. Ask them tough questions and

make sure you vote for those who will develop a better and diversified

business model for Oklahoma.

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Monday, October 5, 2015, 12:04 pm


1900 block of South 4th Jorge Luis Espino was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.

1900 block of South 4th Alfredo Arce Martinez of public intoxication

3400 block of South 23rd Street a domestic abuse report was taken.

100 block of North 6th Street a found property report was taken was a phone.

2000 block of South 1st Street Brandy Jones was arrest for shoplifting at Walmart.

2000 block of West Idaho Avenue an unauthorized absence report was taken.

Donetta Lambert was arrested in the 400 block of West Alabama on an outstanding warrant.

1400 block of South 4th Street a male causing a disturbance was taken.

902 South 4th Street was the location of an arrest of Joshua Linville for Larceny of Merchandise from a Retailer, Possession of Low Point Beer with intent to consume, Public Intoxication, Transporting an Open Container of Beer and concealing stolen property.

Derek Quillian was arrested for Possession of Low Point Beer with intent to Consume, Public Intoxication, Transporting an Open Container of Beer and Receiving Stolen Property.

Dayna Reynolds was arrested for Possession of Low Point Beer with intent to Consume, Public Intoxication, Transporting an Open Container of Beer and Receiving Stolen Property.


A warrant was served and Lesley Cope was arrested in the 800 block of Ferguson Drive.

A malicious injury/destruction of property report was taken in the 300 block of North 18th Street.

Dusti Sneed was arrested for obtaining a truck by false pretensis in the 2000 block of South 1st Street.

Larceny from a house report was taken at the Chickasha Villa Apartments in the 100 block of East Country Club.

2000 block of West Idaho Ave. two unauthorized absences were reported from the Sequoyah House.


in the 400 block of South 17th Street Michael Ray Morris was arrested after the vehicle he was operating was stopped for a motor vehicle code violation, charges included possessing a controlled and dangerous substance within 1000 feet of a school and bringing contraband into a jail as well as the warrant charges.

1400 block of West Frisco a domestic violence report was taken.

2000 South 1st Street Aleisha McCauley was arrested on shoplifting charges as well as for outstanding Grady County warrants.



3200 Pond Ridge Drive was the location of a Possession of a Controlled and Dangerous Substance

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Monday, October 5, 2015, 12:03 pm

A Government of the People, By the People, For the People

State Representative David Perryman

Few people remember that when Abraham Lincoln climbed the steps to the platform to deliver his Gettysburg address, he was ill. His illness was not simply the stress of a wartime president. Lincoln was actually weak and lightheaded with an oncoming case of smallpox on November 19, 1863 as he visited the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Perhaps the President's weakened condition contributed to the brevity of his speech. Perhaps he said all that he needed to say in the address that lasted just over two minutes.

While at the time, many may have been unimpressed by Lincoln's Gettysburg Address; over time its ending - Government of the People, by the People, for the People - has come to symbolize the definition of democracy itself.

For this reason, the trend away from voter participation in the United States, and particularly in Oklahoma, is alarming.

When citizens fail to engage in the process of knowing the issues and casting educated ballots in elections at any level, the government is no longer Of the People. The abdication of this duty allows special interest groups on the right or on the left to control the outcome of the electoral process and the government is no longer By the People.

Oklahoma's voter turnout rate has been consistently under the national average. According to the 2012 Oklahoma Civic Health Index, only 7.2% of eligible voters younger than 30 vote in local elections; less than 5% have any contact with elected officials and fewer than 1 in 5 discuss politics.

Fewer than 1 in 3 Oklahomans between 30 and 50 discuss politics, less than 9% have contact with elected officials and only 17.3% vote in local elections.

However, the lack of engagement does not begin there. In 2012, 62.8% of the Oklahoma State House of Representative seats did not have a chance to be competitive because of the lack of an opponent.

It is essential that the cause of low rates of political engagement and participation be identified and addressed. This week, I am sponsoring a Legislative Interim Study bringing together four national and statewide non-partisan experts who will present information to the legislature concerning the current situation and possible solutions.

A year or so ago when legislation concerning the elimination of the Electoral College came before the legislature, I overheard a lawmaker say, "If this passes and we elect a president based purely upon who gets the most votes, our party will never elect another president."

We must overcome the temptation to judge whether voter participation and election reform benefits Democrats or Republicans. If the test for whether we want more people to vote is whether it will help or hurt our own political party, then we have already failed.

A government must reflect the needs, desires and concerns of an educated electorate and that requires engagement at all levels. Otherwise, this government that we claim to love so dearly will no longer be For the People.

David may be reached at 405-557-7401 or

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